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How I Can Assist

I work in the areas of business development, leadership consulting and talent development, always with a digital approach. Typical consulting projects span leadership support for creative businesses, business digitalization and strengthen team behaviours and core values through discovery based learning, simulations and onboarding applications. JBI is a network based company. Project teams may span from just me to teams of 20 people or more depending on requirements. Sometimes I take the lead, sometimes I play a more supporting role, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that in the center of every project is an active, participating client. An active client ensures a consistent connection to the company culture and the expected business results. And all successful projects need to be linked to tangible business results – how else would you know if they are successful? Over the past 25 years I have been involved in digital projects of all sizes and I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of exciting clients. Continue browse this site or check the LinkedIn link below for more details on history. Or even better - get in touch for a chat and a coffee :)

Currently in focus

Government Offices of Sweden

Interactive learning concept and script on gender mainstreaming for the Government Offices of Sweden, the strategy to reach Sweden's set gender equality goals.   


Sprife is an exiting new business concept around coaching and goal achievement for individuals, teams and companies. Stay tuned for updates!


Does your organisation need a better or broader understanding of your strategy? Align your team to key objectives and values? Boost creativity and innovation? I can't wait to hear about it!

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Featured Projects

Swedish Trade Council

Learn how to run a sustainable municipality and execute your 25-year-plan. This simulation was showcased at COP09 UN climate conference and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Awarded a Brandon Hall award for best simulation/learning game. Produced with the friends at BTS.

Swedish Post (Postnord)
My role at Swedish Post

Explore the value of your work by adopting a holistic view of the Swedish Post organisation. A solution that empowers all team members by providing tools and exercises to take charge of their own career and work situation, directly impacting key measures like productivity and employee satisfaction.

Step 1 Introduction

Introduction to Oriflame sales reps around the world, significantly reducing the time for new sales personel to turn professional and profitable. A sales foundation course with exercises and facts on all things Oriflame, to ensure effective sales aligned with the Oriflame brand and core values.


Sprife helps individuals organize and achieve long term goals at the same time as it provides a tool for leaders and coaches to build a stronger relationship with their team members, retain top talents and create an innovative and motivated work force. The project has just started – watch this space for updates.

Utero digital media
(former subsidiary)

Utero digital media was a pioneer digital production company (18 employees) producing high-end interactive simulations and games for learning and entertainment/marketing. Example clients: Electrolux, Ericsson, Philips, Save the Children, World Bank, TV4, Volvo, etc.

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